Here are the 3 Lessons I Learned Trying a Cock Ring for the First Time

Vibrating cock rings are a fascinating tool.

Ever since I started using one, and it’s been a staple in my “sex tool repertoire.” It’s a key pleasure tool that I can no longer ditch.

But I can’t deny that there was a learning curve.

We all have beginnings with sex toys – vibrating cock rings included. And those beginnings might be “unpleasant.”

How So?

This is what we’ll look at below…

It took a little exploration for me to use a cock ring right. And fortunately, that was a small learning curve.

I’ll share 3 lessons that I learned – which may help you out. Apply them for your first cock ring use!

SVAKOM Tyler vibrating cock ring

#1 – Shave First.

If you don’t shave your genitals, you risk trapping hair when wearing your ring.

And guess what that means? It means a slightly painful experience when you get an erection…

You’ll have hair being pulled as you grind. You’ll have your trapped genital hair getting pulled from the slightest motions…

It’s uncomfortable to say the least. Not to mention, it’s quite messy…


Trapped hair in a cock ring vibrator makes cleaning a nightmare.

Imagine having to take off a toy with trapped hair, and with liquid splattered all over the toy…

Now imagine the pain of taking the toy off, and the mess it causes. It doesn’t make for a comfortable experience, right?

The Takeaway.

Shave your genitals. It makes wearing (and taking off) a cock ring vibrator easy for you and your partner.

And speaking of wearing…

#2 – Pick a Model That Fits.

In simpler terms, if it’s painful – stop using it.

I made this mistake the first time, where I used a tight (and low quality) cock ring.

While tighter cock vibrators can keep a strong erection, they risk scarring the penis. They risk causing you damage…

And that’s not something you want, right?

How Do I Find a Suitable Model?

Alright, here’s a fun fact…

Most cock vibrators don’t come in “sizes.” That is, they’re not like shirts or pants.

Why? That’s because you wear them when your penis is flaccid. And they expand with the erection, while maintaining it.

So you need a material that’s soft enough to not “cause pain.” But it has to maintain that erection as good as possible.

For that, we recommend soft silicone. It’s softer (and easier to use)than metal rings.

#3 – Learn to Rotate the Cock Ring.

Alright, you’re not using a cock ring vibrator for solo pleasure. You’re using it during intercourse…

And it’s natural to fumble a bit when using it. After all, how does the ring work in varying positions?

And what about adjusting the ring for your partner? How do you do that?

So here’s what you should do…

Pad on Top is for Missionary.

As for doggy style, just rotate the vibrator pad to the bottom.

And while we’re at, let’s talk about adjusting intensity. Right after adjusting the vibrator’s position, proceed to adjust the intensity.

Most cock ring vibrators provide a button on the vibrator to adjust that. Use it with every position switch.

One More Thing…

If it’s your first time using a cock ring, then make sure you get a good model.

Those are far and few, unless you’re looking at a good brand.

To get the cock ring you need, we recommend SVAKOM. Specifically, we recommend the SVAKOM cock ring – called the Tyler.

It’s a ring that allows you to customize your experience to the max. Plus, it’s amazing for beginners too.

Visit the SVAKOM website, and learn more!

Learn how to talk about those awkward sex moments

We all like to experiment and try out new stuff. Sometimes we use sex toys for couples, other times we want to make things a bit simpler. But the reality is that most of the time using sex toys can be challenging yet very satisfying. The idea is to know exactly what your expectations are with this kind of stuff and improve on it as you go along.

Couple Goals

Stray pubes

The reality of sex aftermath definitely makes things a lot more grounded as you can imagine. You can deal with stray pubes and this kind of stuff will be a pretty common one. But you have to understand that you need to either remove pubes completely via shaving or just letting it go. It’s natural and in the end that’s the type of thing that you have to deal with.

Fart noises

Should you ignore this? Whether you use sex toys for couples or not, you can encounter fart noises during sex. For a lot of women in particular this is a deal-breaker. Then again, this is a natural reaction of the human body and you need to understand that. Of course there will be pros and cons related to this all the time. But if you ignore these farts or just make fun of them things will be a whole lot better.

Spreading labia

Most of the time this comes down to foreplay and lube. It’s a better idea to go with stuff that’s more interesting and creative rather than stupid stuff you might never use. As long as you go with the right ideas it will totally be worth it. But be committed, focus on something better instead of just worrying about this.

There’s a lot of sweat

Again, you don’t really have a lot of control over this kind of stuff. Sweat is normal, you can expect it or you can ignore it. Sometimes it will be tricky to deal with sweat, other times less so. But you have to let it go and find a way to actually enjoy the process and not hassle too much if possible. If so, the payoff can be really good.

Shower sex

In the case of shower sex, lube is your friend. And you may also want to try out various positions until you find one that’s comfortable for both. Try to stay committed to finding something that you both enjoy. It might take a bit to do that, but it will be worth it if you just give it a shot.

We found that sometimes sex can be a bit awkward, but it will become worse only if you really want to do so. We encourage you to really take your time and find a way to deal with this issue in a proper manner. There are obvious challenges that will arise, so the best thing that you can do is to enjoy your time. Even if strange stuff happens like our examples above, ignore it. Things can always get a turn for the better. You just need to be open to trying something new. If it fails or there are awkward moments, there’s always something even better around the corner!